Letter of appreciation from a Muslimah in need


I am a Muslim sister who is single and currently going through divorce after years of suffering at the hands of a man who used and abused me. The stress I was facing was immense and it was creating a lot of acid in my gut.

Currently, unable to afford private doctors and hospital treatment, I had gone a number of times to the public hospital's as I was in excruciating pain. They gave me a run around with many call backs, sometimes after an entire month, after lots of trial medicines but no diagnosis, only a possible "diverticulitis" which could be life threatening should it not be treated. Having no way of getting medical finance or family help and unable to wait for the public hospital. This was a serious condition and I could definitely not wait.

I had heard of the work that GIFT OF THE NEEDY does, and approached them via email asking them for assistance as I needed a proper diagnosis that required an inquiry procedure and urgent medical attention to stop the colon from bursting.

ALHAMDULLILAH, Their response was very prompt.

I was contacted, a doctors appointment was made and as soon as I had the consultation the doctor wanted to perform the procedure immediately. I was then rushed into theatre.

GIFT OF THE NEEDY was there for me in my most vulnerable moment having no family to turn to. They have intervened and taken full financial responsibility for the life and death situation I faced. Their assistants were at my beck and call, provided me with a hot meal, moral support, before and after medication and transported me from hospital. The compassion and care I received as an orphan and a woman in dire straits was unforgettable.

My Dua is that u grow and get stronger to help more in my situation. May u be rewarded immensely, InshaAllah, for helping a Muslimah in need.

May Allah continue to use you to help uplift the Ummah!


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