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We need your help today. Please help to create a future of hope for countless children and families.

Gift of the Needy seeks to uplift the standard of life, morality and education of the most deserving and impoverished people. If required, we can issue you with a section 18A Tax certificate.

EFT or Cash deposits:

Please fax deposit slips to 086 6176 996 together with your details for an official receipt. Please ensure that you mark off your reference as the type of charity: Zakaat, Lillah, Sadaqah, Fitra, Fidyah, Kaffarah etc.

Gift of the Needy Lillah Account - 272 327 646 (Use this account for Qurbani deposits)

Gift of the Needy Zakaat Account - 272 327 654

Branch Code - 043 826

Branch - Overport City

Swift Code - SBZAZAJJ


Gift of the Needy Account - 2313 0688 38

Branch Code - 198 765

Branch - Overport City

Swift Code - NEDSZAJJ



Gift of the Needy Account - 62604633009

Branch Code - 221126

Branch - FNB Musgrave

Swift Code - FIRNZAJJ


Kindly post cheques to:

P.O. Box 37434, Overport, 4067. SA Cheques to be made out to Gift of the Needy.

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