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21st Feb 2019 Gift of the Needy team serving a hot meal to the learners of ADDINGTON primary school 20th February 2019 Gift of the Needy team with Director Moulana Moosa Leher Distributed Brand new clothing to an Indigent Community. 15 February 2019 Gift of the Needy team distributing 120 Litres of long life Milk to the learners of Addington Primary School 24 Jan 2019 Gift of the Needy Team and Director Ml Moosa Leher in Kolkata to assist our orphans 24 Dec 2018 Gift of the Needy Team purchased 2 fans and A washing machine for Brother Hussein Assisting a bed ridden brother in Chatsworth - 13 December 2018 28 Nov 2018 Gift of the Needy team assisting a family who lost their house Assistance to Palestinian, Yemeni and Syrian Refugee Families Campaign in Jordan - 23/24/25 October 2018 25 Sep 2018 Gift of the Needy Director Moulana Moosa Leher and team assisted Abida's Frail Care Centre Gift of the Needy Director, Moulana Moosa Leher departing soon. Distributing Ramadaan Hampers - 20 May 2018 Assisting Local Families - 19 May 2018 Distributing Ramadaan Hampers to Syrian Refugee Families - 18 May 2018 Assisting a Cerebral Palsy child and family who are homeless - 20 April 2018 Assisting Syrian Refugee Families - 16 April 2018 - Gift of the needy has once again assisted Sister Zulekha and her family with Grocery Hampers February / April 2018 Distributing water to the drought stricken communities in Cape Town - 16 February 2018 Distributing family hampers to 80 syrian families - 03 November 2017 11 and 12 October 2017 Qurbani 2017 Providing a hot, nutritius supper to victims of fire which razed many homes Assisting children suffering from 3rd degree burns Assisting orphans at a Madressa Distributing food hampers to the families of our Snatting & Eastwood Madresas in PMB Assisting the victims of the fire that took place early this morning - 05 June 2016 Distribution of goods in Manyaleni, Bayview & distributing water to the locals in Nyoni, Inanda Baby Shakirah Qurbani 2015 Hazelmere Junior Educational Centre in Verulam September 2015 & Toiletry distribution at Bayview 31 August 2015 Gift of the Needy sponsored breakfast to the learners of Summerfield Primary from 21st August 2015 to November 2016 Family Hamper Distribution Mangweni & Chatsworth Ramadaan Hampers and Dates Distribution Amountana Masjid, Umzinyati, Nyoni Madressah, Office, Chatsworth, Malagazi, Eastwood & Snathing Madressa and Inchanga Madressah Ramadaan Distribution Voice for change Pre-Ramadaan Winter Warmth 80 years old lady accepts Islam - April 2015 Alpine Informal Settlement & Clare Estate Shack Settlement - March 2015 Helping a Sister Rebuild Her Home Sparks Road Food Distribution, Bread Distribution at Charles Hugo School & Springfield Informal Settlement Letter of Appreciation - From a Muslimah in need Inchanga food & clothing distribution Hamper Distribution, Daily bread and milk & Charles Hugo Stationery, Milk & Bread distribution December 2014 Love 4 Fruit Campaign Qurbani 2014 Ramadaan 2014 Distribution Ramadaan 2013 Distribution Report Waterwell October 2013 Qurbani 2013 Distribution Report Waterwell Mozambique Welbedacht, Kwa Mashu & Malagazi (Isipingo) blanket distribution Eastwood blanket and food distribution Umlazi Feeding Scheme Beach Front & Tongaat Islamic Primary Feeding Scheme Daily Feeding Scheme at Eastwood December Chatsworth feeding scheme Assisting a Family in Need Tafta homes Feeding Scheme Qurbani 2012 Ramadaan 1434/2013 Distribution Report Somalia Relief 2012 (Relief Aid being distributed) Madrassah Hampers 2012, Ramadaan food distribution in SA & Ramadaan food distribution in PMB Malawi 2012 Blanket distribution August 2011 & Breakfast and Lunch at SRS School Operation Winter Warmth, Feeding Scheme at Saint Theresa's Home & Family Welfare Building New Musjid Qurbani 2011

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