Assistance to Sister Marwa

When Gift of the Needy first met Sister Marwa, she was in an advanced stage in her pregnancy & was gravely ill. We were concerned to learn that this was a high risk pregnancy & she had previously suffered 3 miscarriages. Both the lives of mum & baby were compromised by her medical condition. In addition, this young Syrian couple was living in squalor, being forced to share a room with 7 other family members. After assessing the case, our team assisted the couple to find alternate accommodation & helped them with the rent for the next 4 months. We also provided food hampers. It is through the generosity of our benevolent donors that we were able to do this as well as fund the emergency medical treatment that was required in Sister Marwa's case. Shukran, we are happy to report that the procedure was a success & a healthy baby girl was born on the 24 February 2016. We are also happy to report that the young mother is recovering well and is out if danger. We are monitoring this case as it is one of the ones we adopted for further assistance & follow up. We are indebted to our sponsors for making it possible for us to bring hope to Syrian families in distress. We are continuing with relief efforts as the situation for many families remain critical. InshaAllah with the support we are privileged to have, we will be able to continue to bring ease, healing, comfort & relief to the most Needy casualties of this Humanitarian Crisis.

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