24 Dec 2018 Gift of the Needy Team purchased 2 fans and A washing machine for Brother Hussein

As salaam u alaikum

On the 24th December 2018, Gift of the Needy returned to the home of Apa Zarina & her son Hussein in Unit 11 Chatsworth. Hussein is a victim of a tragic hit & run accident which has left him with irreparable spinal cord injuries and unable to walk.

In reponse to their most urgent need, 2 fans were donated which will bring them comfort & relief in this oppressive Summer heat. We also donated a washing machine as despite her age and her own failing health, Apa Zarina handwashes all her and her son's clothing & bedding.

Shukran to all our benefactors whose generosity has made the sponsorship of these necessary items possible & this will undoubtedly bring ease to this mother & son in their distress.

Shukran for your continuous support.


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